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Zofran and Other Drugs that Cause Birth Defects


An Overview Of Drugs That Cause Birth Defects

Women encounter health challenges or fall sick during pregnancy and sometimes have to be put on medication. Most times they notify the doctor that they are pregnant but still end up being prescribed drugs that cause birth defects in the baby they are carrying.

It is crucial that you be aware of some of these drugs so that you know your legal options and also know if you are eligible for compensation. Of course this will not fix your child but it may offer your child the comfort they need.

One of the drugs commonly known to cause birth defects is Depakote. Depakote is a drug that is used in the treatment and control of symptoms of the manic episodes of bipolar disorder and epilepsy.

It is important to control these symptoms but it is also up to your doctor to offer you alternatives that will not harm your child. Depakote has been linked to spina bifida, a condition that results from the neural tube not being able to close as expected. This condition may require surgery after birth to correct it but one will still not get all the normal functions associated with that part of the spinal cord. You may qualify for the evaluation of your child so that a legal process can begin if your child developed this defect and you have proof of being under this medication.

Another drug that has also been proven to cause defects such as malformation in new born babies is Paxil. This drug is an anti-depressant and can be administered during pregnancy if the mother develops depression or compulsive disorder symptoms. Paxil has been linked to several birth defects that you need to be familiar with just in case you suspect that you are a victim.  Some of the defects are atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects which affect the way the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. These two conditions can only be corrected by heart surgeries and of course this costs a lot of money. But these costs should not worry you too much especially if you visit a good law firm such as the Abbot Law Group and present your case. Here they will be able to evaluate the facts of your case and let you know if you can join with other clients with the same problem.

There is also another antidepressant known as Prozac that is used in the management of bipolar disorder that has been linked with a defect known as primary pulmonary hypertension.

In today’s world cancer has become such a menace and has caused a lot of harm and pain to many families. Apart from the pain of having to buy these medications at exorbitant prices they also pose a risk of developing birth defects in unborn babies.

These drugs include Bisulfran, Chlorambucil, Mercaptopurine and Methotrexatate. These drugs can cause birth defects like cleft palate which is one of the major concerns and if not corrected will affect the speech and self-image of the child. Other defects caused by these medications include underdevelopment and mental retardation.

Of course it is important to seek medication for cancer when one is pregnant but it is also very important that you are made aware of the risk a drug poses so that you can weigh your options. If your child has developed any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is important to visit an attorney so that you know if you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Sometimes one gets the flu or common cold when they are pregnant and they are prescribed antibiotics. Some of the antibiotics are considered safe for pregnant women to use but antibiotics that include tetracycline and sulfa drugs pose a great danger of a child developing birth defects. These birth defects include malformation and can hinder normal development of the baby.

In the course of pregnancy some women’s skin, particularly on their face, reacts badly to all the changes in the body which can result in very bad cases of acne or other skin conditions. Some people end up using a drug called Accutane. This drug should never be used during pregnancy as it results in severe birth defects and sometimes leads to death. Another drug used in control of dermatological conditions is Soriatane; this drug also poses a great risk of birth defects to a newborn. It is important to visit a good lawyer if you can prove that you indeed used this medication during pregnancy and that it was prescribed to you by a certified physician or dermatologist. From there you will be informed if you must undergo an evaluation to prove this.

People who are under the use of thyroid medications are also at great risk of their babies developing birth defects. Some of these drugs cause birth defects, including cleft lip palate or even being born with extra fingers. While maintaining a healthy thyroid gland is also important in pregnancy, the health of your child should have priority and the physician or doctor should prescribe medication that will not result in your baby being harmed. If you feel the need to press charges against the doctor or file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company for inflicting pain on you, please visit a lawyer who is able to figure out if you can undergo an evaluation and if there is proof beyond reasonable doubt for your case.

Zofran is one of the drugs that has been claimed to cause birth defects. If you used this drug during your pregnancy and it was administered to you by a qualified physician, it is important that you visit a lawyer. This drug has been prescribed to many women in the control of nausea and vomiting. It is mostly administered during the first trimester of pregnancy to curb these symptoms. During this trimester the development of crucial organs like the neural tube takes place. This results in several birth defects including mouth defects, jaundice and heart defects. You will need the services of a qualified lawyer, preferably from the Abbot Law Group to guide you step by step on qualifying to join in the lawsuits that already exist regarding this drug, or if you need to undergo an evaluation and become a potential claimant in this case. As earlier stated, these procedures will help you ease some of the pain you’ve endured.

When it comes to Zofran, the charges can range from professional negligence to even manslaughter or murder in the second degree if you lose a child from  birth defects caused by this drug. Since Zolfran was not specifically meant for treating nausea in pregnancy there are many options when it comes to presenting your case and ensuring you get the best verdict possible. This will happen if you show enough proof to overcome reasonable doubt with the help of an attorney.